Top Christmas Gifts For Girls – Dolls, Collectibles, Toys And More


t might seem silly to discuss the top Christmas gifts for girls in 2011 when the holiday season is still far away, but many people are getting ready to begin their holiday shopping. Many children are already making their Santa wish list and in November, Christmas shopping time officially begins. Large stores have already begun to prepare for the busy 2011 holiday season when U.S. shoppers will spend an anticipated $466 billion. Even though the estimated figure is slightly less than last year’s Christmas shopping season it is still a great number for retailers.

So why do retailers rush to prepare for the holiday shopping season? Store managers have revealed that the trend started during the economic recession. People did not have a lot of money to spend during the Christmas season so they spread out their holiday shopping, buying sale items rather than waiting until the last minute. Right now, it is better for shoppers to wait until they can get special discounts on items that begin on Black Friday. This is a great way for people to shop for the top Christmas gifts for girls in 2011. Here are some great gift ideas for girls that shoppers can find in their local stores or online.

Top Gift Ideas for Girls in 2011 – Popular Dolls

Dolls have always been a popular gift choice for girls. This 2011 offers a great line up of dolls and interactive toys. Parents can choose one of the many types of dolls that are popular this season. Here are some of the hottest dolls on the market:

• Interactive dolls for toddlers and preschoolers like Rock Star Mickey and Lets Rock Elmo. Singing Justin Bieber dolls are popular for pre-teens.

• Barbie fashion dolls are a great gift choice for girls of all ages and older girls will love to receive Bratz Masquerade and Monster High doll collections, which are popular items this season.

• The Baby Alive doll makes a fantastic gift and comes in many different versions. The dolls eat, drink, laugh, cry and blink. The realistic dolls are a favorite among preschoolers.

Collectible Gifts for Girls

Some people think that collectible items are expensive, but people who shop in the right locations can get collectible gifts at an affordable price. Many online stores offer great deals on collectible items including dolls from Hummel, Steinbach Nutcrackers, Barbie, Karito Kids and Wee Forest. Figurines, pins and charm bracelets are popular collectible gift choices for girls this year.

Justin Bieber Gift Ideas

Many young girls are huge Justin Bieber fans who would love to receive a gift from his 2011 collection. Here are some of the most popular Justin Bieber gifts this year:

• Under the Mistletoe CD/DVD
• Justin Bieber Jewelry
• Justin Bieber Toothbrush
• Justin Bieber Tote Bag
• Justin Bieber Wristbands
• Justin Bieber Hoodie
• Justin Bieber cheer shorts
• Justin Bieber pajamas

This wide-ranging Bieber gift collection is available online.

Toys and Games for Girls

There are plenty of toys and games that girls will love to receive on Christmas morning. Here are a few of the most popular toys and games that cost under $50:

• Make-up and beauty kits
• Jewelry and jewelry boxes
• Purses
• Disney music boxes
• Craft kits
• Slumber party theme toys
• Angry Birds game
• Sesame Street toys
• Harry Potter books, DVDs and games

Parents can find many of the most popular gifts for girls online for a reasonable price. Shoppers can save money by purchasing items while they are on sale or from online discount stores. Shopping online is a great way to avoid busy shopping malls during the holiday season and certain stores even offer gift wrapping services for an additional price.

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